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Commercial Window Cleaning and Building Window Cleaning in Dubai

The window on your building is the image you present to the external world. Let Agha Window Cleaning Services enhance that image with the shine of professionally cleaned windows. It takes years to master an art, and for us window cleaning is an art that we have mastered. Our experience and high quality services have allowed us to grow and serve hundreds of satisfied customers. We are committed to meeting the highest possible standards not just in the quality of our work but also in the customer service we provide.

Find out more about Our Unique Window Cleaning ServiceOffice windows can get grimy due to external pollution, but you can trust Agha to ensure that your commercial building’s windows sparkle as much as your staff. At Agha Window Cleaning Services, we specialize in cleaning windows of offices, shops, banks, clinics, showrooms as well as high rise window cleaning with difficult access. We use the most cost effective and safest method or combination of methods for your site and the job in hand. For us the health and safety of both our customers and staff come first, therefore for high rise window cleaning, we use the latest tucker pole cleaning method which is a popular technique for being the ultimate in safety, manoeuvrability, time saving and economy. Our pole fed window cleaning system can effectively clean windows on buildings up-to 5 floors high with the operator working from the ground.

Apart from being safe the method is also very effective as the water which is used in the tucker pole system is de-ionised and made 100% pure, which means that after the dirt as been washed off, the rinse water will evaporate, leaving a super clean finish. As there are no impurities, the area stays cleaner for longer, giving your building super shiny, dazzling appearance!

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