Offering the Best Car Park Cleaning Services in Dubai

Agha Services  state of the art Clean-Capture-Recycle technology provides clients with market leading solutions to Car Park Cleaning, reducing down time, improving the look of your car park facility, saving money and reducing risk. Our Clean-Capture-Recycle technology means less mess, improved safety and a faster return to operation of your Car Park

Some benefits’ of having your Car Park cleaned by Agha Services

  • Car Park CleaningImproved appearance
  • Removal of oil stains and spills reducing your risk liability
  • Faster return to operation with minimal inconvenience to customers
  • Reduced down time saving you money
  • Improved the life of Car Park Surfaces and Coatings
  • Scheduled cleaning or one-off cleans
  • Vacuum recovery removes waste and contaminants
  • Our unique Clean Capture Recycle technology means we use 80% less water

Agha Services provide one off cleans or regular scheduled cleaning of your Car Park. If you are looking for Sweeping or Mechanical scrubbing we can provide these services as well.

Agha Services view sweeping and scrubbing as a maintenance service rather than a deep cleaning solution for Car Parks. Deeper cleaning to remove the build-up left over time from sweeping and scrubbing is best achieved through the use of environmental high pressure cleaning.

Please call us to discuss your individual needs.