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Importance of Regular Solar Panel Cleaning: How often is good enough?

Professional Cleaning for Solar Panels

Do you own solar panels? If yes, how often do you get them professionally cleaned to remove the debris? Research shows that most people who own solar panels or utilize solar panels for their electricity needs fail to properly maintain solar panels through proper cleaning services. Many believe that professional services do not make much difference when it comes to the maintenance of solar panels. The truth is that solar panels require substantial, regular cleaning at least twice a year by a professional cleaning team who understand the cleaning process for devices like solar panels. This article highlights the importance of solar panel cleaning and how a professional cleaning service can help you with it.

Importance of solar panel cleaning

Solar panels are exposed to dust and debris every day, throughout the day. Constant and consistent exposure to the dust can lessen the capacity of the solar panels. Research shows that it is quite possible to lose more than 25% of solar panel capacity with lack of cleaning on a regular basis. Keeping your solar panels debris-free can help you utilize them with their full capacity and preserve their lifespan for a substantial cost savings.

You can choose to clean your solar panels by yourself, or you can let the professionals handle. Solar panel cleaning can be an easy task if you follow the cleaning procedure properly. Some people like to do it by themselves, while others like to hire professional help. Experts lean more towards professional help when it comes to solar panels as they require meticulous cleaning.

How to insect solar panels?

Before asking for the professional help, it is crucial that you inspect your solar panels by yourself. Usually there are two ways to approach this inspection: self inspection or professional help from window cleaning companies in dubai. Most window cleaning service provider specialize in solar panel cleaning as well, which gives you the flexibility of having a complete cleaning team for your house windows, solar panels and garage.

Physical inspection

As mentioned-above you can easily get the cleaning done by yourself. For physical inspection, make sure to check the panels and the lining that connects the panel for any signs of dust and debris. Debris usually gets caught in the partitioning lines of the panels.

Professional inspection

If you do not wish to examine or inspect the solar panels by yourself, you can always have a professional service that allows you to monitor your solar panels health and maintenance status for a small fee. This will allow you to examine the overall health of the panels and make the right decision for replacement.

How can a professional cleaning service help?

Dubai has myriad eco friendly window cleaning services such as Agha Window Cleaning services give you a comprehensive cleaning service for solar panels and windows. You have to do is contact your local cleaning service provider and book a date for the cleaning.

Your service provider will take care of the inspection as well and will probably advise you regarding the panels’ regular maintenance. Keep your solar panels free from dirt and debris with regular professional cleaning and enhance the lifespan of the panels to save more.

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