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Agha window cleaning services are competent and fully trained in the safe use of cradles (B.M.U.) and are happy to use a static cradle system that is installed in a commercial building that needs high level, specialist, and window cleaning services.

We currently use cradles in a wide selection of our office and residential contracts and can even arrange for the cradles to be annually tested to ensure that they meet all Health and safety Standards.

Agha is fully insured and before any window cleaning task commences we will provide the client with the necessary paper work and risk assessments.

We specialize in all forms of glass cleaning in order to provide a comprehensive set of services for both residential and commercial building service seekers.

With our unmatched customer care and quality service, we have managed to garner a spot among the top-tier glass cleaning companies in Dubai. We have more than a decade of experience in this domain with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our services utilize the modern cleaning units that masterfully fulfill the cleaning requirements of high level commercial buildings. Our team has more than a decade of experience in myriad forms of extensive cleaning, including solar panel cleaning, parking lot cleaning, glass window cleaning and hotel window cleaning, to name a few.

Our Philosophy

Quality customer care is our mantra!

We aim to offer and unprecedented quality that ensures the best possible cleaning service for both residential and commercial locations. Our focus remains on our customer service; we utilize the latest technology to keep the cleaning hassle-free and time-saving available at reasonably priced packages that fulfill the diverse needs of each and every service seeker.



Commercial Cleaning Solutions

exterior window cleaning solution

That’s where we come in! At Agha Window Cleaning Services In Dubai, getting your windows to sparkle is our speciality. After all, we are one of the best Residential window washing companies in Dubai. We work on everything from older historic and custom homes, to newer, more modern and contemporary villas. We consider no job too big or too small to tackle.

What sets us apart from other residential window cleaners? Our customers will tell you, it’s the quality of work our window cleaners provide, our outstanding work ethics, and our personable customer service. It’s extremely important to our domestic window cleaners that you’re completely satisfied with our window cleaning service. With years of experience, our professional team uses our renowned window washing system to ensure that you achieve the perfect shine for your house windows.

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Industry experts advise that storage tanks must be cleaned and disinfected regularly to remove any trace of contamination, such as dirt, bacteria, mold, and animal excretions, prior to continuous use. This is especially true and imperative for tanks that hold drinking water because compromising the quality of potable water has a more serious and direct effect on the physical well-being of individuals.

Agha Services is certified by the Dubai municipality to conduct the cleaning process for all types of industrial and domestic water tanks that are used for drinking water. As a result of cleaning and disinfecting the water storage tanks you can be assured of high quality water feeding your system thus ensuring the safety for all. Chlorination disinfection of the tank down services can also be carried out at the same time as the water tank clean to ensure complete confidence in the water services.

solar panel cleaning

Rain, considered as a means of cleaning, but in fact with low efficiency. It may actually be harming your solar panels by being aggressive as a result of pollution

If not carefully chosen, chemical products may be aggressive to the panel materials, reducing transparency.

Chemical waste products may not be dispersed into the soil or drainage system and must be in compliance with local environmental regulations. Manual cleaning represents a risk for operatives who often work at a height of 12-20 feet from the ground, with a risk of falling.

window cleaning rope access

Agha Services  state of the art Clean-Capture-Recycle technology provides clients with market leading solutions to Car Park Cleaning, reducing down time, improving the look of your car park facility, saving money and reducing risk. Our Clean-Capture-Recycle technology means less mess, improved safety and a faster return to operation of your Car Park.

Agha Services provide one off cleans or regular scheduled cleaning of your Car Park. If you are looking for Sweeping or Mechanical scrubbing we can provide these services as well.

Agha Services view sweeping and scrubbing as a maintenance service rather than a deep cleaning solution for Car Parks. Deeper cleaning to remove the build-up left over time from sweeping and scrubbing is best achieved through the use of environmental high pressure cleaning.




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A leading provider of window cleaning services in Dubai, we specialize in cleaning windows and glass for villas, Hotels and commercial properties. We base our values on providing excellent professional service throughout our dealings with the customer.


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